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Here’s some of what we’re working on for tonight’s show:

I need to sneak in one Christie story:

Lacey spa again accused of illegally giving massages to opposite sex customers – Should spas be banned from having opposite sex therapists working on clients?

Should terminally ill patients serving life sentences receive end of life care while in jail? Bernie Madoff is recovering from a heart attack, and is now battling kidney cancer as he rots in federal prison.

There’s a report out that says night work 'throws your body into chaos'. How do you deal with working night shifts?

Ohio dad requests pass from jail to attend funeral for daughter he shot to death – should he get a pass?

There will be no Hoboken St. Patrick's Day Parade this year – Which town in Jersey hosts the best St. Patrick’s Day Parade?

What would you like to have done with your remains? Middlesex County funeral home offers new service: 'Scattering Ashes at Sea'

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