The name of the group is Dream Room Makeovers, which was started by some friends last year that decided to pay it forward to these families going through a difficult time with an ill child. 

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"We remodel the bedrooms of the children," explains President and CEO Robert Stern, "We kind of dream them out to what the kids can possibly dream of."

The goal and thinking behind the program is to transform the child's room into something special that can act as a safe haven and escape from the difficulties of the illnesses. In 2011, Dream Room Makeovers remodeled rooms for the Willoughby-Hazel family. Their second project is this Saturday in Mahwah for the Nelson family.

While the project takes months of planning and fund raising, the construction is a one day event that draws nearly 200 volunteers, and acts as a way to bring the community together. It does not always end there for the family.

"If we don't need all of the money that is for the actual remodel of that house, we will put it towards medical bills, towards other things in the the house that helps the family out," Stern said.

Dream Room Makeovers is proud to be able to move all of the money on to the family.

"There's no employees of the charity, there's no overhead of the charity," he said "That's the wonderful thing about it that we can say 100% is moved on to the family."

People can help these projects out in a number of ways. They are always seeking volunteers, donations of money, and even donations of items that can be used in the construction. The entire process builds up to a crescendo with the culmination being the one-day remodel.

"The biggest joy at the end of the day is seeing the family and the child smile, because it warms your heart," Stern says.

Learn more on their website about Saturday's remodel, as well as how you can help.


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