A worker part of a crew loading roofing materials on an apartment house in Hamilton, Mercer County was rescued after the roof collapsed from too much weight.

Fire ladder reaches to the top of a an apartment building in Hamilton after a roof collapse (Brian McCarthy via YouTube)

"We were all inside the house and I heard debris fall on the floor of the second floor, and the house was shaking from side to side,"  Byron Almendarez told WPVI TV of the collapse at the building on Greenwood Avenue.

The workers heard screaming and realized that one of their crew was trapped in the attic.

"He's pretty lucky, he was trapped underneath at least 10 sheets of plywood and probably close to three tons of roofing materials," Hamilton Fire Chief Thomas Gribbon told WPVI TV .

The very top of the roof collapsed.

As the trapped man's mother watched, firefighters freed the man 45 minutes later, bringing him out on a stretcher.

The contractor, Flansburg Construction, took out a permit from the Township to begin work on the building which houses two apartments. 10 people who live between the two apartments have temporarily been moved out.

Video courtesy Brian McCarthy