It’s like a bad rash that keeps coming up.

The eternal question that if Governor Romney comes a’ callin’, should our Governor heed the siren call and run alongside the GOP contender?

(Run might be a strong word…I’d say mild jog!)

Anyway, there are those who feel that what people want in a president more than anything is someone who is a strong leader and bold.

And if that is not the perception of the top of the ticket, the next best thing is to get that at the bottom of the ticket.
And no one fits that description better than Governor Christie.

Right, just like Dick Chaney was considered a strong bottom of the ticket guy!

For months Christie has said he would consider the post if Romney asked him to run, but that he’s not really interested in playing second fiddle.

"As I’ve said over and over again," he said at a news conference in Bridgewater Wednesday. "I don’t expect to have any greater role in this campaign coming up than I have at the moment."

(“He that doeth protesteth too much!”)

However, there’s also the prevailing logic that two northeastern Governors on the same ticket.would never fly with the national GOP.

But you can’t help but feel Christie is readying himself for the national spotlight by his recent trip to Israel and the Middle East.

And Christie used a trip to California for a speech at the conservative Hoover Institution at Stanford University at the end of March for some big-time fund raising.

Political experts also said the keynote address or another prominent role at convention could be a good fit for Christie and position him for a White House bid in 2016.

Hence the Posse Poll: