Mitt Romney is supporting Chris Christie for a potential 2016 run for president despite allegations made about the reasons Christiewas rejected as a running mate in a new book about the 2012 presidential race.

Mitt Romney on NBC's Meet the Press (NBC)

Romney told Meet The Press' David Gregory that  Christie "stands out as one of the very strongest lights." The 2012 GOP candidate said Christie could "save our party and help get this country on the right track again. They don't come better than Chris Christie."

He echoed Christie's reaction to the book Double Down and said that most of what his vice presidential vetting committee found out was already part of the public record. "There was nothing new there," says Romney. Paul Ryan was his ultimate choice because he is a "budget pro" and his relationships in Washington would have been a help to his administration.

Mitt Romney isn't including tea party favorite Ted Cruz among the Republicans' most electable potential presidential candidates in 2016. His list includes Ryan. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. He said he's not going to disqualify anybody. But he made clear that he had given the names of those he thought were "the most effective in becoming elected."

Cruz led the GOP effort to shut down the government in an effort to dismantle Obama's health care law.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.