Mild temperatures are affecting New Jersey today, followed by a decrease in temperatures in the next couple days to come.

The average temperature of this time of the year for New Jersey is around the mid 50s range. Temperatures today reached 60 degrees and even reached the upper 60s in some areas.

The Jet Stream

We are currently under the right jet exit of the jet stream. This is an indication of downward vertical motion. This is the reason why New Jersey is experiencing pleasant weather, and receiving no precipitation.

The National Weather Service

Unfortunately this mild 60 degree weather will be short-lived.

According to the National Weather Service, a cold front will move through our region later this afternoon. Then another cold front is expected to move through our region on Tuesday.

Due to these cold fronts, New Jersey is not expected to get back in the 60 degree range for about a week.

We will see nearly a 20 degree drop in temperature tomorrow as temperatures will be close to 10 degrees below normal. Along with a decrease in temperature, we will see fairly gusty winds on Tuesday and Wednesday.

After the second cold front moves in on Tuesday, a high pressure builds into our region. We will be returning to normal temperatures in the mid 50s.

Long range forecasters are expecting a warm spell of mild temperatures to affect New Jersey this weekend, and lasting about a week.

Spring may be slow to arrive this year compared to last year, but it is certainly on its way.