To have Bruce Springsteen in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame solo without the E Street Band has always been an injustice. Yes Bruce is almost always great, but the music he makes with the E Street Band becomes downright transcendent. There's a certain level of soul with E Street rarely captured with anyone else. With the exception of Lucky Town, by far his best stuff has always been with his brothers.

That's why the news of what the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is doing with some older acts that were left out when their front-man was inducted is encouraging. (Read more about that here) Buddy Holly was inducted in '86 but the Crickets were left on the side of the road. Smokey Robinson got in in '87 but there was no miracle for his Miracles. James Brown has been there since '86 but the Famous Flames got burned.

That's all about to change. Along with the already announced Beastie Boys, Guns 'N Roses, etc. set for induction in April, these backing groups are finally being honored. This is due to a special Rock & Roll Hall of Fame committee review that was conducted to take a look at groups who should have been recognized along with their original lead singer. This has E Street written all over it. But in all of these cases, being inducted now would be about 25 years after the original lead singer was inducted. Bruce was inducted in 1999. Let's hope it doesn't take until 2024 for the E Street to be recognized.