World renowned chef Robert Irvine called in to the show today to discuss his ongoing efforts to give back to veterans.

Irvine, who was in the military himself, is doing all that he can to assist the military including part of his food line, Robert Irvine Foods, which are sold in grocery stores nationwide, goes to help build homes for our veterans, as well as children with cancer through the Make A Wish Foundation.

Chef Irvine was also recently bestowed the honor of receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor Bob Hope Award. Irvine said he travels about 160 days out of the year to visit the troops. Irvine will be taking a modified version of his live show, which will be at the State Theatre in New Brunswick on Dec. 3rd, over to Afghanistan to "keep their hopes and dreams and a little bit of home for them in Afghanistan."

Listen to the complete interview with Chef Robert Irvine in the YouTube clip above.

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