Each week we honor those police officers who go above and beyond the call of duty. They are known as our #BlueFriday honorees.

Detective Scott Kivet and Lt. Bill Swanhart of the Robbinsville Police Department are this week's honorees for their efforts, through a special program that helps turn thins around for those who get arrested for drug use.

I originally started #BlueFriday to change the narrative about police officers. To highlight the great things that our local NJ police are doing that doesn't always make the press. Joined by Mayor Dave Fried, Kivet and Swanhart joined us live in studio to discuss Police Appreciation Week in Robbinsville where Mayor Fried also wanted to do something special for officers to  counter the negative attitudes towards police across the country.

Even with all the negative press, Detective Kivet says he still loves coming to work. "I'm on the job 13 years and I get excited everyday," Kivet stated. "I started as a volunteer fireman and EMT. There's nothing like being a police officer," says Kivet. Mayor Fried chimed in as well saying that recruitment is up and that "Thankfully, the sentiment hasn't changed the fact that people still want to be police officers."

One of the toughest things about the job Kivet says is goes hand in hand with drug addiction issues. "The unfortunate vicious cycle of locking somebody up one week, and the next week, they're getting locked up again. It's sad, it's actually depressing."

One of the things the program Detective Kivet started is to give an opportunity to those who are arrested for heroin or opiates, to get the help that they need.

"What we have to do is bridge the gaps. We bring everyone together and working as a task force," Kivet said. The process begins after an arrest, when the officers sit down with these people and have a conversation. It's a conversation that helps the person let go of their defenses and allows them to take the first step towards talking to non-profit trained professionals and hopefully, recovery.

Thanks to Mayor Fried, Lieutenant Swanhart and Detective Kivet for coming in today and for being our #BlueFriday honorees. Watch the entire interview in the YouTube clip above.

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