If you want to see a true Christmas celebration, and not a holiday celebration, go to Robbinsville.

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In an open letter to the township residents, Mayor David Fried said he will hold a “Christmas Tree” lighting ceremony as opposed to the secular tree lighting ceremony that had been advertised.

The event takes place Tuesday at 6:30 at the Greenes at Foxmore on Washington Blvd.

Mayor Fried was upset with the fact that the township could identify the Chanukah Menorah, but not the Christmas tree. Fried said: "This is just not right. We can say we have a Menorah, a Jewish religious symbol, but for some reason we can't call our tree what it is - a Christmas tree, which is not even a religious symbol. The tree is a symbol of the Christmas celebration."

"That is what America should be about," Fried said. "I want to go back to the days when we could say 'Merry Christmas' and 'Happy Hanukkah' and not be scorned, or forced to ignore the fact that there are people celebrating those religious events during this most special time of the year."

What is your town doing for the holidays? Would you like to see the return of the Christmas tree lighting? Comment below with your answer.

Do you think towns should be allowed to hold Christmas Tree lightings?