Every once in a while, you see something in your travels that makes you go "Hmmmmm!"

I'm on my way in to New Jersey 101.5, and I see this box spring and mattress along the side of the road!

Further, its not lying flat on the ground...but leaning up against a fence!

I'm thinking that someone is not getting a good night's sleep...and is making a very public point of it.

So, I pull over, and grab my camera...this isn't the sort of thing that one sees everyday!

I snap the above picture...

...only then does it hit me...the ironic location of this "Rest Area"...

Yes...those are...headstones. (Craig Allen photo)

While metaphorically its "the end of the road" for the mattress...that's along the side of the road...

Appropriately...it is THE "final resting place."

R.I.P (enter the name of the mattress that causes you to toss and turn HERE).

Can YOU top this?

What interesting (strange) things have you seen along the side of the road?