So now a few Trenton politicians want to regulate makeshift roadside memorials. Where does the involvement of Trenton government end?

The idea proposed by Democrats in Hudson and Cape May County would have grieving family members complete and application and pay a fee in order to acknowledgment the loss of their loved one on a New Jersey road.  Outrageous.  Insensitive. Unenforceable.  There are already laws on the books and a process in place to remove any roadside distraction or hazard that may pose a danger to drivers.  The politicians didn't cite one example of a roadside memorial causing and accident or harming a grieving family member.  Typical Trenton trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist.

If there is no evidence of harm, injury or accidents why would the Assembly take up this bill?  Oh, I get it, it's another Trenton money grab.  This time it's at the expense of grieving family members.  Wow, as if the gas tax wasn't bad enough, now they want to single out grieving families?  I'm disgusted.  This is beyond the pale even for Trenton.  Here's a list of the sponsoring legislator...and their numbers if you'd like to let 'em know how you feel.

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