Ever see one of those tourist traps so offbeat that you just had to stop? We were coming back from Hersey Park this weekend with the kids and the bright lights of Shartlesville beckoned. There's a very old attraction there called Roadside America which is basically a miniature model railroad city.

You knew it was going to be tacky when you saw the giant pioneer man and woman statues nearby with a giant pitchfork. When we went inside the very old building the first thing my daughter said was, "It smells like goats." Then the guy who gave me the wrong change cursed in front of my kids when I politely asked for the rest of my money.

Once inside though it was very cool, and the daytime to nighttime and back again feature they did was pretty cool. If you want a much better version of this check out Northlandz in Flemington, NJ. No cursing clerks and no goat smell.

Check out some of the photos from Roadside America below.

Jeff Deminski/Nj1015
Jeff Deminski/NJ1015


Jeff Deminski/Nj1015