A road rage incident escalated when one driver shot another in a neighborhood in Cherry Hill.

On Friday July 27, a verbal confrontation between two men due to a previous motor vehicle incident resulted in a violent outbreak in the Cherry Valley section of Cherry Hill when one driver fired shots at the victim’s vehicle.

Charlie Williams, 52, of Medford is accused of firing a weapon at a victim after a road rage incident turned violent.

According to Lt. Sean Redmond of the Cherry Hill Police Department, the incident was the result of one driver becoming impatient when the other driver failed to move quickly enough when a traffic light turned from red to green.

The verbal confrontation took place in the area of North Kings Highway and Chapel Avenue and spilled in to a nearby neighborhood after one driver followed another. According to the Cherry Hill Police Department, no one was injured in the incident.

Both the victim and the alleged shooter left the scene and returned to their residences. After returning to his residence the victim contacted police, who then investigated and arrested Williams without incident. The weapon was recovered and a round was removed from the victim’s car. According to Redmond, the weapon was discarded in the Cherry Valley woods.

Williams was charged with two counts of aggravated assault and numerous weapons offenses.