ROSELLE PARK — When police arrived at West Colfax Avenue for a report of a road rage incident Tuesday, they found a woman seated in her 1999 Honda, covered in broken glass, with small cuts on her arms and chest, police said.

Police were told a 6-foot-all man — telling about how he'd been cut off — walked up to the driver's-side window of the Honda and punched through the window. The man — described as wearing a black hat and blue T-shirt with a yellow circle tattoo on his right arm — then got back into his own black SUV and drove off, police said.

But the Honda's drive wasn't alone, police said. Her passenger, another woman, took note of the SUV's license place, police said. And another two witnesses who'd seen the incident — which took place on West Webster Avenue near Faitoute Avenue — corroborated her account, police said.

Police said they found broken glass on the ground. The driver was taken to a hospital.

Police said that on Wednesday, a follow-up investigation by Detective John Deegan led to the identification of Sergio Oliveira, 44, from Roselle Park — though police didn't say how he was identified. That afternoon, Oliveira was located, arrested and charged with simple assault and criminal mischief regarding the road rage incident, police said.

He was issued a summons and released on his own recognizance with a future court date.

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