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Leading off each hour will be these:

11) Beastie Boy Adam Yauch has died on Friday…marking the end of the youth of some Gen X’ers. Who’s passing or what event marked the end of your youth? Blog up now at!

12) I went back to the old neighborhood on Saturday and recorded a video of what I’ve found. If you’ve ever gone back to your old neighborhood, what did you find? Blog up now at!

1) The State Patrol is kicking off a recruitment drive…and hoping to diversify the force. Do we need a more diversified force, or the best and brightest we can find, of any stripe!

2) Name the dopey teen tanning ban law! Poll up now at

And then there’s this:

Congressman Bill Pascrell of North Jersey wants to ban computer programs that allow brokers to cut in line for concert tickets. Why not just ban ticket agents all together?

Do you feel the sender of a text should be liable for causing an accident…a judge in Morris County is to decide if sender of text is liable if the person its meant for crashes their car. When they say, "shoot all the lawyers!", this is a perfect example of why!

For some people, the simpler the phone, the smarter the phone….have you made it to a smartphone, or are you still going it old school?

Are “Zero Tolerance” laws full of crap… Colorado, a 6 year old kid sings to a girl..'I'm Sexy And I Know It' and it got him suspended from school. What if he were caught playing “doctor?”

Big vote in Ocean City tomorrow about lifting the restriction on BYOB dining. I think it’s time to leave Ocean City alone….if they don’t want BYOB dining, they don’t have to have it.

Are fish caught off the waters in Jersey good enough to eat? Would you ever eat anything caught out of our rivers and streams?

Have your parents ever busted you for anything and brought you to the police station?

How soon after you’d gotten your license to drive did you get into an accident?

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