In this new year we now have a new requirement for acquiring a New Jersey driver's license.

Two years ago Sashalynn Rosa and her two young children died of carbon monoxide poisoning as they sat in their car with the engine running and the father, Felix Bonilla Jr., shoveled around the car. The tailpipe was covered in snow, and as the engine ran, carbon monoxide seeped into the car and rose to lethal levels. By the time Felix was done shoveling he found all three unresponsive inside the car and they were later pronounced dead.

Now in order to get your New Jersey driver's license, you will have to answer questions on the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning as part of your written exam. You will also be given safety tips in informational brochures.

Add another in the column of "if it saves only one life it's worth it." Is there anything left that the government is not responsible for? There is no thinking required anymore. Let's assume we are all ignorant to the most common sense aspects of life and put everything on the government to teach us. It's been proposed that we make how to behave in a traffic stop part of the process of getting a driver's license. Really? No one taught you until now to listen to a police officer? Our public schools are teaching "character education" to our students. Things like why you should not be rude to other people. Seriously. That's a thing. Sexual harassment seminars are given to all employees of big companies because apparently twenty years ago no parent taught them to respect women and not grab their asses at work.

The movie Idiocracy was not far off people. This is just the latest example.

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