It's 2011, right? How do sexual deviants and pedophiles roll the dice and come on to little girls online without thinking it might not really be a little girl they're talking to? They've never seen a single episode of Chris Hansen's "To Catch A Predator"? They've never heard of a police sting operation? Incredible. Here's a 65 year old former Rider University professor who thought he was talking to a woman in Idaho and the woman's 13 year old daughter. He was arrested back in March at Philadelphia International Airport. He was there to meet the mother and her 13 year old daughter thinking they had all agreed to go to an airport hotel to have sex. Of course there was no mother, was no little girl. Instead there were police who took him into custody. He just pleaded guilty. He'll be sentenced next year.

The job of these cyber cops has to be an emotionally grueling one. They train to act like a young girl, learn the lingo of a young girl, convince the predator. All police work has to take a spiritual toll, but this one in particular. To in a sense become those potential victims for the time the stings take, and to see firsthand the monsters that are in the world. God bless them. They deserve a raise.

Don't even get me started on what Professor Perv deserves.