How bad are the Giants? So bad that they’ve been taken off the big screens at Rick’s Caberet, a strip club in mid town Manhattan.

Al Bello/Getty Images


“After five straight losses, the crowd turned and started booing the TVs. The girls had to work extra hard. We are the first club to ban the Giants,” club spokesperson Lonnie Hanover said, confirming a story from Busted Coverage.

The blog received this memo from Rick’s Cabaret on Sunday night:


“Rick’s Cabaret New York, the famous gentlemen’s club in Manhattan, will no longer show NY Giants football games on the club’s numerous Hi-Def TVs and big screens.


“It has become too painful to watch the Giants lose week after week,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Monica.


“Nobody throws a party better than Rick’s Cabaret–we are all about fun–and it’s no fun watching the Giants anymore,” explained Rick’s Cabaret Girl Lindsay. “We love the Giants, but they get the crowd at our Weekend Football Viewing Parties all depressed.”

Welcome to our club, where the only thing stripped is our pride.