Season 4 of  RHONJ continues in Chicago...

where some of the cast has assembled for the big wedding, and finds Jacqueline's husband Chris reading a magazine article about the girls entitled "I'm Terrified of Being Poor." Inside the article we are shown the words "Bullied by Friends For Being Broke" and Jacqueline gasps "Caroline?!"


Meanwhile, while the Manzos are prepping for the wedding their fabulous friend Greg forgets his toothpaste, and when he goes downstairs to get some, he finds the same magazine ! This time featuring the headline "They Can't Stop Publicly Insulting Her" with photos of Caroline, Kim G., Melissa and Kathy.

Inside, there's a Caroline quote: "When Teresa talks about her issues it's very 'don't worry, we're fine". Plus, Caroline can't believe that Teresa came to the wedding knowing that the magazine would be hitting the stands.

So what's Caroline have to say ?

"Shut your mouth and suck it up. I don't care what it takes, don't give her what she wants, don't play the game, shut up." she says.

Teresa's opinion is simply that: "They ask me questions, I answer... It's just a way to make a buck . "

But even Jacqueline admits that Teresa's "life is being manufactured into this fantasy that doesn't exist".

You can watch most of that unfold here:


The show then moves back to Jersey (at Melissa's new shore house) when Joe comes in with the now famous Teresa tabloid to which the girls say the quotes attributed to them are total BS. There is also a somewhat embarrassing alcohol-fueled BBQ taking place (embarrassing considering there are kids present, not embarrassing by the "high" RHONJ standards).

The show then jumps back to Chicago, where Caroline (reading a speech at the wedding), gets heckled by Teresa:

"I like your hat! What a pretty hat! " to which Caroline's replies "Shut up, I know about your stupid article."

And so the RHONJ season 4 drama continues. Stay tuned....