High temperatures Tuesday reached as warm as 68 in Wrightstown-Burlington County, so it got close to my near 70.

Today will not be as milder, but certainly mild for the season. Upper 40s is where we should be.  We will be in the upper 50s to maybe 60 this afternoon with returning sunshine and a brisk wind.

Tonight, clear and colder in the 20s, low to mid 30s in urban and coastal areas.

Lots of sunshine for Thursday with highs in the mid to upper 40s tomorrow afternoon.

Friday, the clouds are back with the chance of a few showers developing, especially late morning and particularly, Friday late afternoon and evening.  Friday's highs will be within a degree or two either side of 50.

It should be well into the 50s on Saturday with a morning shower chance. It will hopefully dry out to provide a decent Saturday afternoon.

But, Sunday offers the likelihood of, at least, a few passing showers at anytime during the day.