The economy may be on the slow road to recovery, but we're still not feeling secure about our financial futures.  That's according to a new survey by retirement consulting firm Towers Watson which finds that many workers fear retirement cuts and higher out-of-pocket health care costs.

"A lot depends on where you are financially, what you have in reserves and how healthy you are," said Maury Randall, Finance Professor at Rider University.  "For those who are closer to their golden years, their options are limited.  Some of them, if they want to maintain a certain standard of living, may be forced to work longer than they initially planned.  Unfortunately, many will have to figure out how to live a different lifestyle than the one to which they're accustomed.  It may mean living with less."

That's not the same case for those who are younger.  "Those who have twenty or thirty years until retirement have the option of trying to reorganize their finances, spending plans and various aspects of their lifestyle to enable them to save more."

With rising health care costs fueling concerns, living a healthy lifestyle is now more important than ever.  "Very often people can do a lot more to maintain better health.  The health care system is changing and new laws will be gradually coming online, but it's too early to tell exactly what effect these laws may have, so the best thing we can do is to try to life as healthy a lifestyle as we can to avoid costly problems that may be preventable."