PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Police say two people have been arrested after residents gathered outside a Philadelphia fire station to protest the response to a weekend row house fire that killed four young children.


Philadelphia firefighters watch as a front wall collapses from a burned row home (AP Photo/Michael Perez)

Police say 200 residents protested Monday evening at the station near the scene of the fire, which destroyed eight homes. Officers were called in for protection.

Officer Christine O'Brien says two people were arrested on disorderly conduct charges. She says no police or civilians were injured.

The protesters claim firefighters didn't respond as fast as they could to the blaze, which erupted Saturday shortly before 3 a.m. Flames quickly spread from row house to row house.

Fire Commissioner Derrick Sawyer says that despite some lag time because the initial report had been for a rubbish fire, the first unit was on the scene within three minutes.

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