Tough going out on the job-hunting front. When you read this, you will understand a little bit more why it is so tough.

A new study reports job hunters may get a very limited window of opportunity when their resume goes before a recruiter's little as six seconds!

Will Evans of the online job site, "Ladders" says recruiters are always going to be looking at resumes, and they make very quick decisions.

"How quick?", you ask. They monitored 30 New York-area headhunters over a 10-week period with eye-tracking technology. Evans says the top and the bottom of the resume got the most attention in deciding whether it was passed over or held for a closer look.

So then his advice about your resume is, "you need to keep it pretty clean. It needs to have a very clear visual heirarchy, and this is what professional resume writers are really good at." What about "bells and whistles" on the resume? know snappy photos or even videos. He says that stuff can actually frustrate a recruiter as it distracts them from the experience, skill sets and education on the document, considered the "meat and potatoes" or the heart of what you are trying to display.

Throw into the mix the fact that many recruiters are deluged with resumes in this high unemployment atmosphere. Evans advises job hunters to put a professional resume writer to work for you.