Steve Lonegan, the former Mayor of Bogota and now Republican candidate for the vacated United States Senate seat called in to Jim's show this morning.

Steve Lonegan turns in petitions for special Senate election (Facebook)

Lonegan, who received the most signatures by any candidate prior by Monday's deadline, told Jim that he chose to run because he's been involved in politics for a very long time and has seen the undermining of our Constitution through the expansion of government.  The last four years, Lonegan believes have been an assault on our individual liberty and Constitutional rights. Lonegan also said this will election in October is going to be a pivotal moment for this country, one election that every American will be focused on.

Lonegan, who says that he believes he has strong Republican support, doesn't care who wins the Democratic nomination. Although he has had differences with Governor Chris Christie and the Republican party in the past, he believes a united party will be a strong force to be reckoned with.

The former Director of Americans for Prosperity told Jim that he recently resigned from that position to put his total focus on the October election.

You can listen to the entire interview Jim conducted with Steve Lonegan below.