Sometimes reporters tend to go for the cheap shot – the point where the interviewer keeps asking a question meant to bring the interviewee to tears or to some kind of emotional display!

That’s exactly what happened during Christin Cooper’s interview of bronze medal winner Bode Miller in the Super – G at the Olympic games.

During the interview, Cooper asked Davis what was going through his mind, and whether or not he was thinking of his brother Chelone who’d died of a brain seizure last year.

The moment was too much to bear, and as the video will attest, brought the interview to a screeching halt!

Did the reporter need to go the extra distance in eliciting tears from the newly minted bronze winner – or would it have been enough to have left the line of questioning where it was before the skier broke down?

I’d like to think Cooper was merely doing her job. Problem is, how do we define her job? Is it to make the athlete cry, or to just ask the most pertinent questions at the moment - which in this case would have been his winning the bronze - and leave the drama out of it?

Bode Miller is the most decorated Olympic alpine skier in the history of the United States. At the Sochi Games, Miller recently earned a bronze medal in the men's Super-G. After clinching that medal, Miller spoke with NBC's Christin Cooper and mentioned that he had a lot on his mind at the Sochi Games, especially in the wake of his brother's death last year.

Miller's brother, Chelone, died of a seizure in 2013.

Cooper pressed Miller to elaborate on his feelings and qualify his performance in terms of what it meant for him and what he hoped it meant for his late brother. Miller broke down in the interview and has since come out to defend Cooper's line of questioning during their conversation.

I appreciate everyone sticking up for me. Please be gentle w christin cooper, it was crazy emotional and not all her fault. #heatofthemoment
— Bode Miller (@MillerBode) February 17, 2014
My emotions were very raw, she asked the questions that every interviewer would have, pushing is part of it, she wasnt trying to cause pain.
— Bode Miller (@MillerBode) February 17, 2014

Check out the video one more time, and answer the question below. I think after she saw how emotional Miller had become, the line of questioning about his brother should never have taken place.