The mosquitoes, arguably, may be the most nasty bug.  Here are a few tips to prevent those nasty critters from making your summer less pleasant.

Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

Mosquitoes inflict painful bites, and more importantly, transmit disease.

Here are are a few simple tips to keep mosquitoes under control in and around your home.

Here is a list of common mosquito breeding places:

bird baths (empty and replace with fresh water once a week)

wading pools (turn them over when not in use)

open containers such as cans, jars, bottles..anything that can hold as little as an ounce of water.

recycle bins (when not in use, flip them upside down)

trash can lids (keep them on the trash cans)

hollow trees (fill in rotted holes with dirt)

ceramic pots (when not in use, keep them turned over)

In other words, take corrective action with anything that can collect standing water.  Mosquitoes love standing water.  It's a breeding ground.

Even clogged roof gutters attract these nasty varmints.

If you have a swimming pool, clean and chlorinate, even if you're not using it.

Also, fill i n low areas on your property that may collect standing water.

And finally, if you visit the beach, go camping or hiking, cover exposed areas of your skin plenty of insect repellent.

I hope this helps so it's one less thing to "bug" you this summer.