Remember that hour of sleep you lost back in March? Good news: You got it back this morning-- as long as you remembered to set your clocks back an hour before turning in for the night Saturday.

Like most folks throughout the United States, New Jerseyans are getting an extra hour of sleep this weekend, thanks to the annual shift back to standard time.


Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Officially, the change comes at 2 a.m. Sunday, but most people set their clocks back before heading to bed Saturday night.

Residents of Hawaii, most of Arizona and some U.S. territories don't have to change; daylight saving time is not observed there.

Most clocks, such as those on cell phones and computers, will update automatically overnight, moving from 2 a.m. back to 1 a.m. But don't forget any alarm clocks, microwaves, stoves and car radios that may have to be manually updated.

Public safety officials say this is a good time to put a new battery in the smoke alarm no matter where you live.

Enjoy that extra hour. You'll have to give it back on March 8, 2015, when we all return to Daylight saving time.

Associated Press also contributed to this report.