The discovery of a human skull drew a swarm of investigators to this township Wednesday morning.

Brick Township police cruiser (Brick Police)

The skull was uncovered about 3 p.m. Tuesday by two men driving past the area, Ocean County Prosecutor's Office spokesman Al Della Fave said.

The Medical Examiner's Office is trying to establish the age and identity of the remains. Investigators are looking through missing-person files for possible leads, officials said.

"Bone fragment finds are not unusual," Della Fave said. "Most often, they are animal remains. We needed to establish whether it was animal or human before proceeding."

"It should be pointed out that this case in no way involves a safety threat to people who live in the area," Della Fave said.

Police along with Ocean County and state investigators have closed off a portion of the township's Lake Riviera section surrounding a patch of woods where the grisly find occurred.

Old Toms River Road and Arizona Drive, between Beaverson Boulevard and Emerald Drive, were temporarily closed to traffic. The site is near Lake Riviera Middle School, though the investigation doesn't extend to the grounds.

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