Environmental officials cite a resurgence of birds of prey in the Garden State, highlighted by the release Tuesday of a rehabilitated bald eagle at the Winslow Wildlife Management Area in Camden County.

Bald Eagles (NIck Laham, Getty Images)

The male eagle had been recently injured in a territorial fight with another eagle. It was found on the side of the road in West Cape May, still locked in battle, according to the Department of Environmental Protection.

The annual Mid-winter Eagle Survey counted nearly 300 bald eagles in New Jersey late last year.

“Not long ago, it would have been nearly miraculous to see a bald eagle in many parts of New Jersey - yet today we can marvel at this majestic creature returning to our skies,” said David Wheeler, executive director of the Conserve Wildlife Foundation, in an emailed press release. “The inspiring recovery of bald eagles and other raptors across the Garden State is testament to the hard work and visionary collaboration of the state and Conserve Wildlife Foundation, and speaks to the many dedicated volunteers whose passion and knowledge have helped so much."

Peregrine falcons and osprey have also been making population strides in New Jersey.