The red light cameras have just gone from the ridiculous to the absurd with this latest story of a ticket reportedly being sent out in error.

Flickr User Sterlic

According to this article from Bamboozled, a woman who now lives in Colorado and has since 2010, received a red light camera ticket in the mail in August 2011. The former NJ resident Lauren Morosoff, had gone back and forth with Edison Township on numerous occasions trying to explain that she no longer lives in the state and it couldn't possibly have been her vehicle.

So of course, New Jersey being the understanding state that it is, what do they do? Suspend her license, of course! Morosoff, with the assistance of her mother, tried numerous times to rectify the situation and kept getting the run around with Edison Township regarding court dates. The MVC was no help either, saying that the only thing they can do is enforce the suspension until the time the township advises them that the fine has either been paid or the restoration fee needs to be lifted.

Sadly, even though, Morosoff seems to be innocent, the costs of fighting the ticket and traveling all the way back to NJ to fight it, outweigh just paying the fine ($81 & $33 in court costs) and the restoration fee ($100). So it even when it seems that the red light "scameras" are clearly in the wrong, they still win.

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