The American Red Cross has set up 28 shelters across Jersey, lending a helping hand to thousands who are struggling to recover from Hurricane Sandy.

Chris Kleponis/ CNP, Pool/Getty Images

American Red Cross spokesperson Vicki Eichstaedt says, "Our primary focus in the last few days have been to shelter the people who need shelter."

She says mobile kitchens that will feed tens of thousands of people are set to fan out, "We are efforting to find mobile feeding routes when infrastructure allows us to do that…we want to make sure that people are getting fed- it's a life essential service."

Eichstaedt points out, "If neighborhoods don't have any power… and their grocery stores aren't able to supply them food, their houses are out of power and they can't prepare food, we need to be able to feed people…There will be mobile feeding routes set up that allow those vehicles to go into affected areas and deliver food."

She adds it's hard to say how long the Red Cross will be in New Jersey because "this situation is changing every day- as we find new areas that need help, we're attempting to mobilize and help - as power comes back on and things become less in crisis, we regroup and move on where people need our help more…Every disaster is different, but the one thing that's consistent with all of them is that it's the worst thing that's ever happened to the people who are in the disaster at the time- and the Red Cross tries to get out and help people who need help."

Eichstaedt says, "At this point in time, the very best thing people can do is to make a financial donation - this allows us to mobilize and get the resources to the areas that need them the most - you can text the word Red Cross to 90999 to donate 10 dollars - it doesn't sound like a lot of money but it is extraordinarily helpful - if everybody would donate 10 dollars we'd be in great shape."

She adds, "We are doing our very best to get where we need to be to the people we need to be helping - please be patient with us - we are doing our very best, we will be there, the Red Cross is always there."