When my sons Albert and Lennon were born, I named them after the two most influential men in my life. My father Albert  and of course John Lennon, who would've celebrated his 75th birthday last Friday.

While there are tons of stories and video footage on Lennon, there is very little written about my father, although he did get his name in the paper a few times for getting injured fighting fires in Union City. He was also recognized for his service on the USS Ronquil in World War 2 doing battle near Japan. It’s pretty interesting stuff, but not unlike so many others from the greatest generation who go unnoticed.

This week my sons were given a school project of interviewing someone in town. How I wish they could have interviewed their grandfather when they still had the chance. My father would come over every Saturday driving his own car, bringing donuts and telling the old stories right up until last August at the ripe old age of 92.

It isn’t like we didn’t have the chance, I just never thought he would go so quickly. But if I could give you a great piece of advice, if there’s someone you love that you may not have very long, take out your smart phone and start recording moments. One day and for several thereafter, you’ll be glad you did!