Whether you like the warm sound that comes from a vinyl record, or the crisp perfection of an album on compact disc, tomorrow (Saturday) is the day for you!

Tomorrow (Saturday) marks the "5th Annual National Record Store Appreciation Day." Its a celebration of everything that surrounds the more than 700 independently owned record stores in the United States.  The day can feature live music, promotional giveaways, and record deals that can only be found in the indie stores! For example, more than 250 limited edition albums are expected to be featured tomorrow, including 7 inch singles from "Jersey's Favorite Artists" like Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney.

Local Jersey stores will be participating. In Princeton, '80s alternative band "They Might Be Giants" will be putting on a free show, and a record signing afterwards. For more info, click here.

In Bordentown, Jersey-native, singer/songwriter Dean Friedman will take to the stage tomorrow. Friedman is best-known for his quirky and fun (!) hit "Ariel" (#26/1977)  from the summer of 1977. Friedman is gearing up to record a new studio album later this year. This Bordentown appearance will cost you a few bucks. For ticket info and more, click here.

As Big Joe always says: "Go out and support your local, New Jersey musicians." I'll add, show some appreciation and support for your local, New Jersey record store. Check out the record store in you town! Enjoy the camaraderie...and the special deals, too!