One the finest signs of the season is the scene where families stake out a Christmas tree at a local nursery, have it cut and wrapped; then placed on top of their car to be taken home and trimmed.

Nothing like it…right?

Unless you’re like me and would rather not have to go through the bother of caring for the tree once you get it home.

There’s picking up pine needles, making sure the tree is sufficiently watered, and what ever other concerns you may have about having a real tree in the house.

That’s why I rather, and have chosen for the longest time, have an artificial tree for Christmas.

Oh, I know, it’s anathema to some.

After all, besides the above ritual which bonds the family together, just the smell of a real Christmas tree has to stoke images of the holiday throughout the season.

Still, I’m paranoid…and would rather have the relative safety of the artificial tree standing in my patio door than a real one.

Brilliant piece, by the way, by our very own Matt Ryan, as to the top 10 Real Christmas trees…should you be in the frame of mind to purchase the real deal.

So here’s to Christmas, and the annual debate…which would you rather…a real Christmas tree, or an artificial tree?