pork roll

Here's an alternative for "waffleing" at breakfast

First of all, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.  For those of you celebrating Hanukkah, I hope it has been joyous so far for you and your family.

A few weeks ago I passed along a recipe of my Aunt Bert's potato latke recipe.  Today, I'm doing a "180".  This is about a pork product.  A product that was born in the Garden State many years ago, and is still going strong today.  As we say on New Jersey 101.5, "We're Talk'in Jersey", and today we're talk'in Taylor Pork Roll.  Made in our state capitol of Trenton.
This is a huge vacation week coming up, so perhaps you'll have extra time with your family to prepare a breakfast that involves more than a bowl of cereal or a pop tart.
The recipe for Taylor pork roll has been kept a secret since it's inception in 1856.  The product is commonly sold in rolls packed in a cotton bag.  Most people slice it up, fry it in a stove top pan and enjoy it with eggs.  You can eat 'em with or without a roll.  It's easy to find throughout New Jersey. Supermarkets, diners, food trucks..it's everywhere.
Some "food for thought" for your holiday.  Enjoy!!