One thing we love about our staff — they're always game.

Guest multimedia producer Tommy Farrell (on Twitter @TommyFarrellNJ) has been sitting in for Joe Votruba on Deminski and Doyle this week. Tommy's always up for helping out with whatever we need — but when digital editor Louis C. Hochman walked into the studio this week with a Pikachu costume, his eyes lit up.

"I'll do it."

We're not even sure he knew what "it" was, yet.

We sent Tommy out to the streets of Trenton, hoping he'd find good-spirited Pokémon Go players ready to catch him. The truth is ... Tommy could barely get away. Thank goodness fellow NJ101.5er Jess Frank was there to get it all on video ... if Tommy got abducted, no one could have believed her story.

Tommy had a great time — but if you see him in real life, you might want to give him a heads up before sending a PokeBall his way.

Or not.

Our favorite moment? That girl totally lost her shoes.

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