While looking for the best coffee in New Jersey, I found a gripping story of Guilio from Toms River, a 22 year-old real life American Sniper who describes his job as “kind of like being in a video game, except you only have one life." Though only 22, Guilio says he's been “shot at, almost hit by IADs," and "lost friends close to" him.

As far as comparing his life to the movie “American Sniper,” Guilio says “it's a lot less graphic. There are circumstances where it's a child or you” and at that point he revealed to me that he has a 13 month old son, which makes it so much harder.

“You're out there sometimes 10 days sitting in one spot,” he recalled. Then he joked, “my mom always asks, 'did you shower? Did you change your underwear?'"

As the conversation continued, Guilio talked about his brothers in the military who are also snipers and the one he lost about 7 or 8 years ago that drove him to do it.

When you hear this conversation your heart will go out to this brave young man and the risks he and all in the military take for us. To him like everyone else who fights for our freedom, we say “be safe.”

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