There should be more people like this guy. Someone who senses something’s amiss and jumps in to put an end to it.

Such is the case of George Bell, a postman from Toms River, who sensed one early morning that someone was trying to break into a neighbor’s car and stopped the alleged thief dead in his tracks.

A postal worker became a hero after thwarting an alleged robbery attempt early yesterday morning in Toms River.

George Bell says that he was on his way to the post office at 4 a.m. on Friday when he noticed a teen trying to break into his neighbor’s car.

As Bell, 54, approached the scene, the teen tried to get away, but was eventually overpowered. Authorities say the teen struck Bell and even bit him during a struggle. When police arrived, they charged the teen with assault, burglary and possession of a weapon; a pocketknife.

Bell says that he was traumatized after he was the victim of an armed robbery while on his postal rounds 15 years ago. The robbery led him to take an inside job at the post office. He says he has been feeling a lot better, and he hopes this latest incident will finally help him heal.

But despite the traumatic experience he suffered; he still couldn’t close his eyes to what looked like a robbery to him.

That’s why George Bell is our “Ray’s Ray of Hope – Posse Positive Person of the Day!”