It may not seem like a big deal since “the mail must go through” is a slogan we all know to be gospel among members of the USPS.

However, one mail carrier took it to heart the other day while on his route in Monmouth Beach as the truck he was driving to deliver the mail got caught up in the rising floodwaters of the Shrewsbury River.

The carrier, whose name was not released, had to be rescued near North Street and Shrewsbury Avenue after his mail truck got stuck in flood waters from the Shrewsbury River, officials said.

The Monmouth Beach Fire Department and Long Branch Fire Department responded to the call along with the Monmouth County Office of Emergency Management.

USPS spokesman Ray Daiutolo Sr. said the carrier, who was on his normal route, had parked the mail truck and was delivering mail to several homes by foot. When he returned to the truck, the water was rising quickly and the carrier could not move the truck.

“Everyone that was there said it was unexpected the way the water came up all of the sudden,” he said.

The carrier quickly moved the mail to a higher shelf within the truck and also took measures to protect himself, Daiutolo said. He also called his postmaster and the police for help after realizing he couldn’t move the truck.

“It was actually quick thinking on his part,” Daiutolo said. “You have to give that carrier a lot of credit.”

Fire crews used a larger vehicle to rescue the carrier as well as the mail from the truck, which will be towed, Daiutolo said.

And for inquiring minds, yes, all of the mail was delivered Friday, with the help of fellow carriers.

While not necessarily a dyed in the wool “Ray of Hope” candidate – he deserves kudos nonetheless for taking his job seriously enough to save the mail; and, after being rescued, continuing his route on foot.

But you tell me, does he deserve kudos nonetheless?