It’s a simple “What Would You Do” if you saw this happening.

A couple of kids crying out for help stuck in a hot car while their mother went into a nearby beauty parlor to get a haircut.

While we can all assume the mother has to be brain dead for doing this, shoppers at a Texas strip mall busted open the window of a hot Jeep to free the two small children inside.
No time to call the cops – no time to canvas the area – they just took matters into their own hands and, in my humble opinion, did what had to be done.

Saved two children from suffocating.

According to KHOU, the heroes saved the day by pulling the two children from the car but wound up letting the mom go after she pleaded for them not to call the cops.

And that's where they "f-ed" up! They should have called the cops.

You may have seen this video, posted on Youtube just yesterday illustrating just how someone could suffocate within a matter of minutes inside a hot car.

The numbers are staggering as to how many kids are left to die in hot cars each year. And despite all this, it continues to happen.

Is it the “it won’t happen to me” syndrome – or something more insidious?

If the gentleman above didn’t get the message across, what would?

Could you imagine a child locked in a car having to deal with that?

Would you smash the windows of a hot car with children left unattended inside? Would you call the cops on the parent?