What are the chances of you having a brush with lewdness on a New York City Subway train?

For that matter, what are the chances of you having a brush with lewdness anywhere?

It happens all the time. Guys riding around with their junk exposed in cars are stories that aren’t all too uncommon.

One woman, Nicola Briggs, decided enough was enough, and while riding a crowded number 4 train on her way to Chinatown, spotted a man flashing his penis wearing a condom.

So she decided to do something about it.

Check out the video here, but caution, the language is coarse and not safe for work.

I was on a southbound No. 4 train en route to Chinatown, where I was going to meet a friend for dinner.
Without warning, a man on the train made the unwise decision to make me the target of a sexual assault. He tried to rub himself against me by taking advantage of a packed subway train . . . I confronted him, announcing to the subway car at the top of my lungs what he had been doing to me. . .  I also enlisted other passengers to help me detain him, and shame him, all of us taking pictures with our cell phones. . .  Upon exiting the train, the perpetrator was immediately arrested by transit police. He was later convicted and is now a registered sex offender for life. And he was deported, too.

And tell her story she did. But while that may not stop the growing tide of brushes with lewdness, at least it will shame the perpetrators enough to warrant their arrest.

That’s why we confer upon Nicola Briggs our Ray the Ray - Hero of the Day honor.
Have you ever had a brush with lewdness?