Every year someone here at work becomes the DD, the designated decorator. The office Christmas tree goes up after Thanksgiving, and it’s a thankless job but someone’s got to do it. This year it’s Sierra Quinn from our promotions department. (You may have heard her on air with Dennis and Judi at times.) Take a look at her craftsmanship.

Jeff Deminski photo

Adding to Sierra’s degree of difficulty is that she’s...let’s say not tall. Sure, give a six foot tree to a four foot nine woman to decorate! That’s fair! She did this all by herself except the very top. I think she did a great job and it definitely makes us feel the spirit here. But I realize some places of business may go all out, erecting a 30 foot tree in a grand lobby and hiring professional carollers with an egg nog bar nearby. If that’s the kind of place you work then you might regard our tree as a Charlie Brown tree. So I thought let’s have some fun and rate the NJ101.5 Christmas tree. I personally give it an A.

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