Officials say an Upper Freehold farm is home to a rare horse.

The U.S. Trotting Association says the colt, born at Fair Winds Farm in Upper Freehold Township on May 6, is the first white Standardbred racehorse born in North America in 14 years.

The horse, owned by Pete Congilose of Toms River, does not yet have a name. Congilose tells the USTA he has not yet settled on a name but is not without suggestion. “I’ve had ideas from all over, including my family," said Congilose.

Officials believe the horse was the result of a genetic mutation. The horse is the son of a reddish brown mother and reddish brown father.

Farm manager Matt Garland said the colt's birth caused quite a stir. He got a midnight call from excited night watchman Dan Conger. “When you get a call like that, you move first and think later,” said Garland. "I was grabbing my keys and my pants and running for the door when Dan said, ‘She had the foal – and it’s white!”

The summer of 2014 is the earliest that the horse can race as a pacer.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.