GLEN RIDGE — They all laughed when plans for the Stuart Richardson House were submitted to officials in this Essex County borough.

The house was designed in 1941 by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who’d only be recognized as a 20th century master many years later.

After the 1,800-square-foot house was built on the Chestnut Hill Place cul-de-sac, it attracted gawkers, some who sneered at its modern brick-and-glass façade and horizontal lines.

Today the home — one of the last three of the original four Wright homes built in New Jersey — attracts more appreciative admirers.

Which is why the real estate agency handling the sale is making sure all the people who claim to be interested in buying the house — on sale for just under $1 million — are actually serious.

The house, built in 1951 and restored in 2006, is characteristic of Wright’s Usonian style, which incorporates native materials and allows for lots of natural lighting.

The Glen Ridge home is unique for its walls that rise in a hexagonal shape from the concrete floor. As a result, all but two corners are 60 or 120-degree angles, providing rooms with unconventional views and flow.

Robin Seidon of Keller Williams Realty says the home is an “architectural treasure” that “exudes elegance and comfort.”

“Houses of this stature and quality seldom come to market.”

The home has three bedrooms and two full bathrooms. It’s hidden by trees and landscaping. Property taxes are just under $20,000 a year.

The other Wright homes in New Jersey are the James B. Christie House in Bernardsville and the J.A. Sweeton Residence in Cherry Hill. The Bachman-Wilson House, originally in Millstone in Somerset County, was relocated to an Arkansas museum’s campus in 2014.

Sergio Bichao is deputy digital editor at New Jersey 101.5. Send him news tips: Call 609-438-1015 or email


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