My camera is always with me...and its a good thing, because you never know what you are going to see...and then SHARE!

Its a "Toy Truck." Realistic, huh? (Craig Allen photo)

Now that I have a "ride..."

This means that I can now make a left, right? (Craig Allen photo)
The sign or the rock? I'm so confused. (Craig Allen photo)
FREE? doesn't say: "Don't steal the expensive gas!" (Craig Allen photo)

All this walking, and picture taking can be exhausting...

"Tired?" (Craig Allen photo)
Sit back, put your feet up. "Chill-ax." (Craig Allen photo)

Relax...on the...

Keep going...this goes with the NEXT picture! (Craig Allen photo)
Couch services? Yes, please! Help needed...badly! (Craig Allen photo)

Meanwhile, I'm guessing that these lounge chairs acknowledge the "domino theory."

Maybe these could use some services, too. (Craig Allen photo)

Drag one of these lounge chairs across the street...the "entertainment center" awaits!

Board Games...plates (for spinning...and breaking?)...and a...remember VCR's? (Craig Allen photo)

All we need now is the roadside TV.....But, I guess I'll "spy" that another day!

Sing-A-Long time: "Red Solo Cup..." alright...Solo-ish cup. (Craig Allen photo)

Good timing...all this walking and "spying" was making me thirsty!

I'll add the following to the song running through my head: "Red Solo Cup...I pick you up...and put you in...recycling!

But, I digress.

You've been "goosed..." (Craig Allen photo)
...multiple times! (Craig Allen photo)

More random photos to I'm always on the lookout...

And, as I close out this latest excursion into "randomness," remember...

YES WE ARE!  "Stronger Than The Storm!" (Craig Allen photo)