Its time for another excursion into Random Photos...snapshots of everyday life that have caught my attention...and now yours. Pass it on!

I always have my camera at my are the beneficiary!

No (coincidence). (Craig Allen photo)

No. I don't think so. What say you?

So...get "loaded" on your own property...right? (Craig Allen photo)

Don't loiter here, either:

Not exactly a "comfy couch." (Craig Allen photo)

That orange sticker is a summons to clear away this street-side couch...NOW. So don't plan on loitering on it for long...This is a "No Rest Area."

Moving along:

Stop? (Craig Allen photo)
When did someone last obey this sign? (Craig Allen photo)

I'll keep going...

I'm thinking this package is probably missing a "tracking number." (Craig Allen photo)

Hope its not fragile!

"Free is ME!" Especially when there's "more." (Craig Allen photo)

The above sign got your attention, right?

Rock On! Down the non-highway... (Craig Allen photo)

Yeah..."Rock On!"

"What The...TRUCK!" (Craig Allen photo)

Better yet: "Keep On Truckin' Baby!"--Eddie Kendricks.

That's all for now.

More "Randomness" to come!