I am always walking around with my camera...and now my iPhone, as well! I never know what I'll see in my "travels." And, you benefit from my photo fun!

Here comes another excursion into photo "randomness!"

Rolling Stones "Satisfaction!" (Craig Allen photo).

Another satisfied New Jersey 101.5 listener...as us weekend personalities play "Brown Sugar," "Miss You," Start Me Up," "Satisfaction" and more...'cuz "On Weekends, the Music Comes Out To Play!"

We love the Fab 4, 2! (Craig Allen photo).

Crank UP "Jersey's Favorite Hits!" And...

ROCK...with care... in this case... (Craig Allen photo).

ROCK ON...as we move on...

Um...a little help here! (Craig Allen photo).

Above: "Walk On By," carefully! With all apologies to Dionne Warwick.

Walking the tracks...just my version of the railroad scene from the movie "Stand By Me." (Craig Allen photo).

You never know what you'll see along the side of the road...

A radio guy's favorite word... (Craig Allen photo).

Whatever was free...its GONE!

So NOT free... (Craig Allen photo).

This car won't "disappear" as fast as a "free" item!

Sometimes, I'm NOT walking...I'm "on the road again," camera at the ready...

On Route 78....is this a case of false advertising? Its all up to YOU! (Craig Allen photo).

I see it. But, is it TRUE? Great "Java," or just...jive?

I assume that the sign-maker met "Bambi" recently...the hard way! (Craig Allen photo).

Thanks for the "unofficial" warning, Good Samaritan!

"I pledge allegiance to the flag..." (Craig Allen photo).

Remember these? Mobile patriotism! Sadly, I lost several of these window flags when my passenger(s) would (unknowingly) roll down the window! OOPS!

Moving along...

Hmmm...I thought as NJ taxpayers, that WE owned the property... (Craig Allen photo).

On the other hand, on private property...

"Fido" not allowed. (Craig Allen photo).

...WE can walk on the grass, but "man's best friend" can not!

Maybe... they would prefer...

"Dewey" (Craig Allen photo).

...a "cooler" cat!

They're "Jersey Fresh!" (Craig Allen photo).

Or, possibly, chickens?!

Here's more "free range" (random) photos!

This e-sign at the mall made me...LOL! (Craig Allen photo).

Speaking of retail...

Hello?? I am standing where the associate's car should be parked! (Craig Allen photo).

So, let's try to figure out the correct scenario:

1) It hasn't been a great month...nobody won the coveted parking space.

2) This paragon of monthly sales and marketing is...taking the day off.

3) The associate is on the road, selling...and hoping to keep the reserved space next month.

What do you think? Can you top my ideas?


Below, seen at the baseball diamond near me...

"Put me in coach, I'm ready to play!"--John Fogerty. (Craig Allen photo).

...the baseball looks so...lonely.

The one that got away...and, yes, I returned it to the "field of dreams." (Craig Allen photo).

By the way, this sign just appeared the other day at the baseball diamond:

You can play, but....no butts.  Or e-cigs! (Craig Allen photo).

Well...this latest excursion into "randomness" has been fun...

Tired? Maybe a little muddy, too? (Craig Allen photo).

"R.U." getting..."tired?"

This shady bench looks so inviting! After all, it says "Welcome!" (Craig Allen photo).

I think I'll take a "breather!" How 'bout YOU?

Besides, the sign says...no walking...so, I'll stop now. (Craig Allen photo).

More photos from everyday life ...to come!

One of the more "recent" models from the radio collection... (Craig Allen photo).

Stay "tuned!"