I've always got my camera "at the ready!" I never know what I might see while travelling the length and breadth of our glorious "Great Garden State!"

With a cart (and gloves), we can hit the open road! (Craig Allen photo)

Its time once again for an excursion into what I call "Random Photos," representing a slice of everyday life!

I've never heard of a "tire tree." Wonder if its been a "Goodyear." (Craig Allen photo)

I've heard of an apple tree. A pear tree. A banana plant, and a rubber plant. But never a tire tree. Although I suppose these (mostly) rubber tires were made in a plant...(I'll be here all weekend...please tip your waitress).

Need ice? (Craig Allen photo)

"Old" snow and ice blocking...the Ice Machine.

You just can't make this stuff up!

As our tour into "Photo Randomness" continues...

"Help Me, I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up!" (Craig Allen photo)

I wonder if this cart met the earlier one, with the gloves?

With all this walking, maybe I need...

The pause that refreshes. (Craig Allen photo)

...to take some time out, and enjoy this roadside comfy couch!

Wanna join me?


Fine...be that way...

Room for ME...only. (Craig Allen photo)

I'll be a "Lay-Z-Boy" all by myself....but only for a few moments.

As my walk continues...

This winter has been tough on our already deteriorating roads! (Craig Allen photo)

I wonder how long this fresh road patch will last...

Probably not as long as this sign has:

Don't even try it! Move along! (Craig Allen photo)

If you look closely, an "artist" with a spray can has advised this establishment to "Get A New Sign." What would you do?


Now my walk is nearly perfect...I now have some new music to play along the way!

"Road trip, buddy....let's put on some music!" (Craig Allen photo)

Its a blending of media types....the 1980's "mixtape" meets the recordable CD technology of the late 1990's!

Based on where I found it...along the road...maybe its not the best mix.

This "MIXTAPE CD" looks more like...trash...to me!

And, no...it didn't get "damaged" in the mail.

Isn't it illegal to "misappropriate" these? (Craig Allen photo)

But, it looks like this official Post Office property "flipped" when it saw the new rates!

OK...I'm just about done...

"That's All, Folks!" (Craig Allen photo)

But don't worry...another round of Photo Randomness is just 'round the corner!