Well, I predicted low to middle 50s yesterday and I was a bit surprised.

It got to 59 in Wrightstown, 57 in Trenton.  Low to mid 50s was reached at Newark and Atlantic City.

Today will be a bit cooler, but still mild; 48 to 52 with some rain moving in through today.  That system is out late this afternoon or very early this evening at the latest.

Partly cloudy and a bit cold through tonight with most lows in the 30s.

Clouds and some sun tomorrow.  Wednesday's highs again from 48 to 52.

There's the slight chance of a few early flurries Thursday, but then some sunshine colder in the lower 40s.

It may only be in the upper 30s to near 40 on Friday with some sunshine.

There are some questions about the weekend.  We'll address those in future reports.